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That Hungry Chef

"Using Axicon means that our labelling costs

have been reduced by over 50%"

That Hungry Chef

Pratap Chahal founded his company, That Hungry Chef, in 2013 to bring a new range of food products to the market. With a background in cooking in Michelin-starred restaurants, he wanted to build on his Indian heritage to introduce a range of specialist sauces and dips to the UK food market.


“Labels were not the first thing I thought about when I decided to become a high-quality specialist food manufacturer, but I quickly realised that they are vital to explain visually what my products are all about,” explained Pratap.

That Hungry Chef

Sector:       Fine food

Material:   Gloss white PP

Adhesive:  Permanent

Print:         Digital colour

Finish:       Matt Laminate

Purpose:   Jar labelling


That Hungry Chef Gallery


“Accurate colour printing, clear descriptions, and barcodes were all part of what I needed. Having agreed my brand image and product range, I found suppliers who could produce the packaging and labelling I required.”


“What I hadn’t realised, is that all label suppliers are not the same. We are, at the moment, a small company, with a product range that is changing and growing, and ideally we need suppliers that can easily handle short and long production runs. Axicon is brilliant when it comes to making new and revised labels and we can call off the labels we need at the right time for us.”


With a range of products sold individually or in sets of three sold in small window gift packs, That Hungry Chef uses labels for the lids, the jars themselves, and for the cardboard packaging. They also include barcodes for use at the point of sale. With a range of customers varying from specialist food shops and delicatessens to Selfridges, Pratap relies upon perfect packaging to market his products and grow his company.

“Using Axicon means that our labelling costs have been reduced by over 50%, with even better quality labels, and our packaging is now as good as the products themselves. We are delighted, and just as importantly, so are our customers. We can meet changing demand more easily, and the labels are supplied exactly as we need them for either machine or hand labelling,” added Pratap.

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