Self-adhesive labels that complement your products

Industrial printers SQUIX

The SQUIX range of label printers build on the reputation of the successful A+ printer series.


Incredibly versatile, they can be used across a wide range of industrial applications and have been developed with a focus on ease of use and and high reliability.


Whether they are operated in stand-alone mode, in a PC application or within a network - the rugged SQUIX printers are always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures fast job processing

and rapid label printing.


A large number of peripherals and CAB S3 PRO software enable customer-specific solutions.

The slim one

The Cab SQUIX 2 label printer is the smallest model, ideal for thermal transfer printing labels with a width of approximately 50mm, at resolutions of 300 or 600 dpmm.  It is a left-aligned printer.

1.1 Label printer SQUIX 2
Print resolution dpi 300
Print width up to mm 250
Print speed up to mm/s 56.9

What are thermal printers?

Squix 2 300dpi - £1,445*

Squix 2 600dpi - £1,560*

The universal one

The Cab SQUIX 4 series offers 203, 300 and 600 dpi variations with a label width of approximately 100 mm.  It can be used as a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, and is left-aligned.  This printer can be easily modified and customised to meet your print requirements.

1.2 Label printer SQUIX 4.3 SQUIX 4
Print resolution dpi 203
Print speed up to mm/s 250
Label roll Ø up to mm 104

What are thermal printers?

Squix 4.3 203 dpi - £1,325*

Squix 4.3 300 dpi - £1,395*

Squix 4 300 dpi - £1,365*

Squix 4 600 dpi - £1,590*

The wide one

The Cab SQUIX 6 series is designed for wider labels, up to 168 mm wide, with resolutions of 203 or 300 dpi, and would be perfect to produce A5 sized logistics labels. Like the other models, it can be used as a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, and is left-aligned

1.3 Label printer SQUIX 6.3
Print resolution dpi 203
Print width up to mm/s 250
Print speed up to mm 168

What are thermal printers?

There is a wide range of accessories including cutters, rewinders, and applicators for all SQUIX models.

Squix 6 203 dpi - £1,900*

Squix 6 300 dpi - £1,955*

*excluding VAT and delivery

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